Lipodrene Weight Loss

Lipodrene® is a pharmaceutical-grade weight loss formula containing a new fat burner technology proven to
be 29% more effective as a fat burner than Redux® (a leading prescription diet drug).
This weight loss pill targets fat in those stubborn areas, such as the hips, thighs & buttocks.
Lipodrene Weight Loss

Lipodrene® The Ultimate Fat Burner

Lipodrene was developed exclusively by a leading medical and pharmacological team and represents the culmination of research with more than 120,000 women and men throughout the United States.

Lipodrene® was engineered based on volumes of scientific and clinical data with hundreds of published studies by the most prominent Universities and Medical Journals in the world, including the following: University of Chicago International Journal of Obesity, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and New England Journal of Medicine. This technology is unmatched by any other weight-loss or “fat burner” product currently available other than Hydroxyelite.

Lipodrene® is a product you simply must try if you are having trouble losing weight. Whether your weight loss goals are a 5-pound loss or 75-pound loss, Lipodrene will help you look your very best.



The Advanced Lipo-Catabolic System found in Lipodrene is shown to dramatically burn fat and boost energy through a process that speeds up your metabolism.

Aiding in this process spurned by Lipodrene, ephedra increases the body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which speeds up the body’s ability to burn calories resulting in quicker fat loss.

This advanced fat burner technology is a combination of natural herbs and lipotropics (compounds that help catalyze the breakdown of fat during metabolism) and specially patented as a 3-way fat burning system that not only helps you burn away calories and fat, but also found to help control sugar cravings and act as an appetite suppressant.

This unique pill was formulated out of a strong necessity for a genuine, no-nonsense weight loss product that will help you look and feel better. This All Natural Fat Burner isn’t just another diet pill!

Lipodrene® is for people who are looking for a single solution that works as a fat burner, energy booster, and appetite suppressant. Buy Lipodrene now and starting looking and feeling better today!

Lipodrene Product Description:

The original Lipodrene with Ephedra weight loss & diet aid was developed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and was their original formula, taking the weight loss industry by storm. Since then, this incredibly effective diet aid has helped millions across the World lose weight…and keep weight off! So, how does it help users shed these stubborn pounds, with ease?

Simple! This leading weight loss and diet aid attacks alpha-2 receptors and essentially helps to draw out fat cells from the body. Mixed with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Lipodrene can help ‘rip’ the body fat right off of your body.

To understand how this works to remove unwanted body fat, let’s take a look at the ingredients that make up the hard-to-miss “Yellow Hexagon!”

Lipodrene includes a mixture of clinically tested, scientifically backed ingredients, which have been detailed out below:

  • Blend of Thermo-Rx & Extend-Rx – 560mg
  • Ephedra Extract – 25mg (Legal in all 50 states)
  • Acacia Rigidula Extract – 150mg
  • Caffeine – 100mg
  • Green Tea Extract – 45mg
  • Synephrine   – 25mg

Now that you know what makes up this powerful weight loss aid, let’s dive into what they all mean and how they actually aid in losing weight and keeping that weight off.

Blend of Thermo-Rx & Extend-Rx – Created as a proprietary blend of 4 plant extracts, standardized and processed to create a never before seen thermogenic response, Hi-Tech amps up several of their products with this blend, including Lipodrene. In clinical studies, this blend has shown an impressive increase in metabolism of 22% in only 45 minutes.

Ephedra Extract – Ephedra is the combination of 4 potent plant extracts. In the ephedra extract, we are missing one piece of this combination, ephedrine, and for good reason, as all ephedrine alkaloids have been banned in the US since 2004. This is where the Ephedra Extract comes into play, mixing the remaining 3 ingredients of pure ephedra to create a potent fat shredding pill.

Acacia Rigidula Extract – Also known as blackbrush, shows to have a high volume of weight loss properties, including Phenethylamine, Hordenine, Nicotine, Tyramine, Tryptamine, & Catechin.

Caffeine – Caffeine aids in suppressing your appetite, as well as giving you the necessary energy to burn calories and helps stimulate thermogenesis.

Green Tea Extract – Green tea extract aids in ‘pumping’ you up with adrenaline and energy and goes perfectly with the balanced mixture of caffeine in the Yellow Hexagon

Synephrine – which is a sypathomimetic, meaning that it stimulates the hormones involved in mobilizing and oxidizing (burning) energy and it has been specifically suggested to enhance lipolysis (fat breakdown).

So, what does all this technical jargon mean to you? Essentially, all of the active ingredients in the “Yellow Hexagon,” Lipodrene, offer up a combination of benefits and results including:

  • Increase in energy, all day, not just during your workouts
  • Suppressed appetite to help you continue to meet & keep your goals
  • Decline in cravings for sugar, one of the most common factors in weight & fat gain
  • Improved alertness
  • Increase in metabolic rate

Recommendations on Usage:

Suggested use for the best results are to take 1-2 tablets, daily and never exceed 4 tablets in one 24 hour span. Depending on your tolerance, it is recommended to start with a half-tablet until your mind and body have become accustomed to the Lipodrene effects.