Lipodrene Reviews

A great product! The pounds just seem to slowly come off after I started taking this. I was stuck in a rut and my diet wasn't on point all the time. This diet supplement helps compensate for the days I "cheat" or can't get all my meals in. Thank you! Ian N.
My Baby weight I've used this product by Nutrasource for many years and it has always been a great benefit to my workout and helps suppress my appetite. I recently had a baby (8 months ago) and finally stopped breast feeding my little one and now its time to get this weight off like in a hurry.  I ordered my first bottle to start once again and I'm so excited about having the same results. Within my first month I have lost 12 pounds I need to lose about 30 pounds total, so I'am about half way to my goal weight. Ephedra based has always been my go to product. I can always count on it for results. Tracey
Gives Me Energy and Focus Very happy with Nutrasource for selling this product. It gives me a lot of energy while maintaining my focus. I have been looking for an ephedra product since they took them off the market for about 2 years . This one works incredible for me and I will continue to order it... Lifetime Customer. Kimberly
Gets My Approval I have been taking this diet aid with ephedra for the last 6 weeks and have lost a total of 21lbs. Combined with a healthy diet and exercising 4 times a week, the fat is melting off. My starting weight was 145lbs and the main areas I'am losing weight from are my legs and stomach and it has defiantly come off of those areas!! VERY IMPRESSED!! Tina
It Works Awesome It actually works. I rarely find a product that can curb my appetite. This did it the first time taking it. In addition I had so much energy that I worked out "hard" for a minimum of 2 hours almost on a daily basis. Thank You NutraSource for selling this awesome product. I give this product 5 STARS. Michael
Works Fast – Extreme Diet Aid I had just turned 21 and was drinking like a fish…I fell in love with all the fruity drinks. Before you know it, I went from a size 2 to a size 8 in about 10 months. Gained about 28lbs, very depressing. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change fast. I went into a local nutrition shop in Texas and they had told me to take this and that and this product was their best selling fat burner on the market. I took 2 yellow tablets a day, split the dosage into morning and early evening and hit the gym. Within the first month I had lost 7 lbs! It was like melting off me. At this rate I will have melted the fat off in about 4 months. It actually works! Sasha
This Fat Burner – Helps with Snacking and Portion Control I was reluctant, as I heard bad things about Lipodrene and wasn’t sure, but I am happy to say it’s worked for me! After 3 weeks, I’m down 15lbs! I've never lost weight so quick before so this is amazing. It’s taken my appetite completely so now I can eat portion sizes right for my size, which was what caused my weight gain. I have so much energy now, more than in months. Side effects: weight loss, tons of energy, no crash or fatigue. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should! What do you have to lose except the weight. Awesome product. Thanks Jessica
Ephedra Based Weight Loss – Gives you a Kick Start I got my dream job, but with long hours and travelling, my diet got worse and worse. I was eating out all the time, on the road and with clients. I felt unprofessional and fat, and didn’t project the image I wanted, so I went searching for a weight loss product. I have to be smart, eating out is necessary for my job but now I make good choices and ask about cooking methods and change ingredients, sauces on the side etc. I joined a gym and have a routine to do every day when I’m away from home. Down 18lbs in the first 2 months. My goal weight loss is to lose 40lbs and I’am half way to my goal. I have tons of energy and seem to be in a better mood. A+++ for this product. Steven
Would Highly Recommend I had 2 kids back to back and never lost the baby weight, then I ballooned to 225lbs! I’m a small girl – 5’1, so this was horrible to be so big. I tried it all, no success. I had terrible cravings for sugar and lots of stress in my life due to personal issues. I’ve lost 10lbs this month, I have never lost that much in 30 days no matter what I tried. I have little appetite with this, but cravings do come back. No dry mouth but I drink a lot more water. No issues with falling a sleep because of the ephedra in it. Best product I have ever tried. Samantha
Very Happy with this Product I lost about 22 pounds! Using Lipodrene and doing exercise and eating responsibly, you will lose the weight and keep it off. I am very happy and the shipping was super fast! Glad I found this product, I feel so much better about myself. I am 52 and it was hard to keep the weight off until I found it. Lifetime customer and would highly recommend this company and its product. Nichole

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