Lipodrene Reviews

Lipodrene works like Magic – under my pre-baby weight! I needed to lose the baby weight after 6 months of trying on my own. I never had a weight problem before but just couldn’t shift it no matter what I did. NutraSource recommended me Lipodrene with Ephedra in the 100 count bottle and like magic the weight started to melt off. I drink a lot of water all day long, prioritize time for me to exercise 3 times a week, eat more or less the same but smaller portions and try to eat more veggies and fruit and less processed foods, and no soda. I am coming to the end of my 3 month supply and I am down 32lbs, even less than my pre-baby weight!! I will recommend Lipodrene to all my friends and family. Crystal
Lipodrene (yellow tablets) – Good motivation and Energy. I used to work in a physical job but then switched to an office job after a back injury and got into the bad habit of sitting all day, eating out of habit and then going home to sit in front of the TV. I got close to 300lbs so I started to take Lipodrene with Ephedra 3 months ago. The sales rep at NutraSource said I could be on it for another 3 months as long as I keep losing weight. So far I’m down 45lbs, and that’s with strict portion control and working out three times a week. No side effects after the initial week with some insomnia but now nothing. Awesome product Lipodrene Rocks!!! Ashlee
Lipodrene – Love this! It controls my appetite and since I have heart issues I didn't feel jittery or heart palpitations! It works all the way, not just for a few weeks. 9 lbs the first 2 weeks. Love it. Never stop selling Lipodrene … Thank You - NutraSource Susan
Thanks Lipodrene – Lipodrene with Ephedra Works!! I absolutely love Lipodrene with Ephedra! It gives me the energy needed to exercise, and it also suppresses my appetite. I started at 158 pounds and I’m down to 132. No side effects. I changed my diet by eating healthier and cutting out sodas and junk food. Lipodrene works wonders! Vanessa
Lipodrene – Works great I was always a big guy but the last couple years my weight got out of control after I stopped working physical jobs and started driving long distance full time. I would snack the whole time out of boredom and always ate fast food away from home. This makes it easier to not think about food, and I try to make healthier choices when I'm on the road, which is not easy but I am eating about half what I used to. I dropped close to 25lbs this month and hoping to stay on this long enough to drop about 80lbs to get to around 220. Eric
Lipodrene is Potent and effective When you look at something that promises using Ephedra, you get skeptical. Definitely, I would have to say this product did deliver on its promise. Lipodrene is not a magic pill by any means, but it did help me to achieve my goal of losing more than 15 pounds, but I did EXERCISE. For sure, Lipodrene is by far the best weight loss supplement I have ever used. Cindy
Lipodrene is Exactly what I needed! Lipodrene is what I have been looking for! It gives me energy to do my work-outs, and the stamina to finish them. It curbs my appetite and makes me feel up beat and not so tired all the time, yet lets me sleep at night. The first week I took it, I lost 9 pounds. Of course I watched what I ate and exercised but I have been doing that for months. I don't know what it is that is in it, but whatever it is...LIPODRENE WORKS! Sharon

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